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The consortium as a whole

The consortium is formed by National Meteorological Administration (NMA), the Romanian leading authority in the field of atmospheric sciences (CO), Advanced Studies and Research Centre (ASRC), a dynamic private institution with an outstanding experience in remote sensing, geospatial algorithms, and environmental monitoring (P1), and University of Bucharest (UB) – Faculty of Geography, the highest ranked university in Romania, with excellent environmental departments, and long tradition in various urban studies (P2).

Project partners

Leading Partner:
Administrația Națională de Meteorologie - http://www.meteoromania.ro
Manager de proiect: Dr. Sorin Cheval, e-mail: sorin.cheval@meteoromania.ro

P1: Advanced Studies and Research Center - http://www.asrc.ro/
Persoană responsabilă: Dr. Cătălin Cucu-Dumitrescu, e-mail: catalin.cucu-dumitrescu@asrc.ro
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P2: Universitatea București - http://geo.unibuc.ro
Persoană responsabilă: Dr. Ionuț Șandric, e-mail: ionut-cosmin.sandric@g.unibuc.ro
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